How do AI-powered chatbots work ?

Sculpins powered by artificial intelligence are very popular these days. Almost everyone uses it, from pupils and students to professionals in all sectors of activity. If these tools are capable of having interesting conversations in the way humans are, it is because of the way they work. If you are fascinated by them, discover through this article the main mechanisms on which these tools are based.

Language models and natural language processing

All chat bots work on the same principle. The user initiates the conversation by entering text. Some bots include voice input or even an image. When the user enters their text, the bot analyzes the input to understand the context of the conversation in order to provide an intelligent response.

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This is why a bot like brings you answers that amaze you. The reason these bots are able to analyze and understand your queries is because of natural language processing techniques and language models.

First, language models allow the bot to understand the grammatical and semantic structure of sentences. Then, natural language processing helps decipher the meaning of words and expressions.

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Neural networks

Beyond language models and natural language processing, AI-powered chatbots also rely on neural networks. These are actually complex computer structures designed to mimic the functioning of the human brain.

Their use improves the ability of bots to understand guests provided by users, but above all to generate natural language. To make text generation possible, these networks are trained on large sets of text data with the aim of learning the patterns and patterns of human language.

From everything the bot has learned, it can therefore provide answers to your various requests. It predicts the next word in a sentence, taking into account all the other words before it, relating them to its training data. So it’s purely statistics and probabilities.

It should be noted that neural networks also make automatic learning and optimization of a bot’s performance possible. This is why you will notice that a conversational agent like MyChatbotGPT improves over time, as you interact.

Are chatbots intelligent ?

Many people claim that chatbots are intelligent. That said, when we consider its mode of operation, it would be partly erroneous to assert this. In fact, these tools only do what they were programmed to do.

Moreover, they understand absolutely nothing of what you say to them or what they write. They only work based on predefined rules and programmed algorithms. When they recognize certain language patterns, they simply generate responses accordingly. Their “intelligence” is therefore limited to their ability to carry out these instructions effectively.

In other words, although some chatbots may seem very competent in specific areas, their understanding is often superficial and dependent on how they have been programmed.